The Bridal Shower:
April 13, 2008

Photo's taken by Sister Bobbie

The happy Bride to be

The Bouquet
Though practical, she preferred the real one.

The meeting of the blonds ~ (left to right) Susan, Courtney, Kathleen, Danelle, Spencer.

The Family
That's right, we are all related.

What are they up to? Julie, Brookie, Debbie

Las Tres Amigas
Stay away from these three.

Listen to your Mother. Carol & Pat

Mom's Friends
We are here to make fun of Brooke.

Sister number four. Stacey & Brooke

The Other Sister
How many sisters is that?

Who's happier, Brooke or Mom?

She's also here to make fun of Brooke.

Carrot Cake

Cake Anyone?
My favorite, why wasn't I invited?

Meredith, Catherin, Melissa, Livia, Gayle

Any cake left?

Melissa, Livia, Gayle, Sarah, Kate, Brooke

Lets all stare at Brooke
Still waiting for my piece of cake.

Little Brooke, Kathleen, Big Brooke

The Tables are Turned
So, how did it feel to be on the other side?

Saer with her shy look.

Party Crasher
She got cake.

"Marital Advice"
Brooke and I thank you for these words of wisdom.
(In no particular order)

I Can't say that I know anything about marriage, but I'm wishing you both a lifetime of joy and happiness! Keep on keeping on.

Keep a pack of cookies on hand for arguments!
Sugar solves everything!

My marriage advice to Brooke; Take careful notes and write a book about it...
no one really knows the answers.

Remember that with all of the good things,
bad things come along.
It's how you handle those bad times that matters!

How do you know when you are really married?
When divorce is not an option.

Admit when you are wrong or an ass.
It makes it easier for him to do it when it's his turn.

"David’s" are a piece of work, so good luck :-)

Marry your best friend.

Pick your battles. Sometimes it's best to let him be right, and I'm sure he'll do the same for you.

Cast iron can solve any disagreement.

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