How it Happened

Brooke and David met by pure chance. Northern Arizona University, Brooke’s alma mater, was sponsoring a lecture and tour of the King Tut exhibit at LACMA on August 12, 2005. One of Brooke’s favorite professors was giving the lecture and guiding the tour: her Egyptology professor, Dr. Cruz-Uribé. Brooke got a group of people to come with her including her parents, her sister Bobbie (Maid-of-Honor), and some of Bobbie’s co-workers. When one of the people had to cancel, the extra ticket was given to David Cruz. *Side note ­ they actually met about a year before this at a lunch outing but neither really remembers this event. So much for love at first sight...

Brooke & David - Thanksgiving 2005
Panamint Valley Days - Nov. 11, 2006

After several group outings and chaperoned dates, they had their first "alone" date on October 29, which consisted of a behind-the-scenes tour of the Huntington Library, dinner and the movie "Capote." Their second date was two days later on Halloween night; they had dinner and saw the movie "Saw II" (David passed the important "can watch horror movie" test). Two weeks later, they went to Panamint Valley Days for the first time together. Four days of tent camping and off-roading in Death Valley ­ a true test for their early relationship.

Shortly after getting back from Panamint, David attended the Black Family Thanksgiving and met the entire family...and survived. *Side note ­ Brooke is pretty sure the family likes David better than her.

In January 2006, Brooke went with David to Colombia where she met his parents and extended family. They spent a week in Cartagena and a week in Medellín and ended their visit with a bull fight.

2006 also saw another off-roading trip to Grass Valley, California, a weekend trip to Santa Barbara, their second outing at Panamint Valley and their first SEMA (car) show in Las Vegas.

While his parents were visiting Los Angeles, David proposed to Brooke on October 27, 2007 at her parents’ house over cheesecake.

David's parents visit NoHo - Oct. 25, 2007

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