Thank You,
to all the people that helped; without you, none of this would have been possible.

Photo of our parents

Our Parents
For your unconditional love and support.
And for letting us make our own decisions in planning the wedding;
and trusting us in our own judgement.

Tower of London Fall 1987

For keeping us sane and for being by our side the whole time. For driving Brooke around rather than Brooke driving me crazy. Caption for photo - Brooke: "Is Dad ever going to take the photo?" Bobbie: "I don't think he knows how to use the camera. We've been standing here for ten minutes already. We look like tourists."

Road Trip

For being there from the very beginning, and by my side.
For giving his big brother words of advice that can only come from being a true friend.
Supplying me with an extra bit of courage.

Play Ball

For taking part in this special day with us, for your sense of humor and your inspiring words of wisdom.

Las Tres Amigas

Julie & Debbie
For escorting our guests to their seats with a smile and over 20 years of support and friendship.

Ev & Travis
Without them, Cary Grant would have never made a guest apperance.

Stacey's caligraphy

For getting the word out with her fine penmanship.

Stacey's caligraphy

For welcoming our quests from out of town with out having to be there in person.
We're talking gift baskets here.

Allison Wheeler
The always cheerful Allison, and those unforgetable invitations.

Robyn & Annah
For allowing us to take over the place.

Tricia & Caitlyn
For taking such good care of us so we wouldn't freak out.

For the Wedding Dress
"WOW!" The glamour of Hollywood,
making the Bride even more beautiful than she already is.
And who could forget the flower girl.

For the Maid of Honor
For making the Bridal party just as beautiful.

Yooni and & her wonderful team
For making the Bridal Party look Fabulous.

For making the place feel alive.

Our Amazing Photographers
For capturing the moment for future generations to share.

NancyKay and her Cake
"Simply beautiful. Absolutely delicious. Always the best."

Dave Mancini and his right hand man.
For keeping the music alive.

The Atmosphere
For lighting the way.

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